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Caturday: It’s DJ Kitty!!!

Ro’mama enjoyed herself last night, my darlings. Went to a pro baseball game with some good friends – fun, laughter, and watching boys in baseball pants! I was in heaven.
Then, to top it all off, Tampa Bay’s fabulous mascot made an appearance! What else is there to say? Here’s DJ Kitty!!!!

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Two Great Themes for Caturday

Today's Caturday post is like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup — it combines two of my favorite things into something where the sum is greater than the parts thereof. (Which is a saying that has something to do with math, and proves that I did at least hear something one of my math teachers said, even if I didn't understand it. So there.)

All followers of this blog know how I feel about kittees, and most of you also are aware of my feelings for Kristen Stewart (aka She Who Cannot Act). So for Caturday, here's a gorgeous kittee, who just happens to be poking fun at R-Pattz's ex-girlfriend. Its a win all the way around.



Happy Mother’s Day


Oops! Running Late on Caturday!

Weird day tonight, kids! Nearly forgot to post this one: