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Monday Muse Management: The Best Method


If you know me in real-time, follow me on twitter or facebook, or have been anywhere within hearing range as I am attacked by a Monday morning, you know that I do not deal well with the beginning-a-new-workweek concept. I loathe Mondays. Hate Mondays. Despise Mondays. Shall I continue? I do have a hefty thesaurus and I’ve hardly scratched the surface of my feelings for Monday.
Which is why, in addition to my general love of alliteration, I devote Mondays here on RomanceMama’s blog to Muse Management. I have to really work with Bridget, my muse, because she is the only person I know who hates Monday even more than I do. If I can’t get her jumpstarted on Monday, she stays sluggish and indolent all week.
I’ve talked about music, field trips, productivity apps (Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die!) and so forth, but I think I’ve finally discovered the ultimate Muse Therapy Secret. Just one application, and Bridget jumped out of bed, eager to greet the day and impatient to put her little hands on the keyboard.
What could inspire such a change, you ask? Well, after the &*^!(* alarm goes off in the morning, Bridgie and I check our email. We’re always looking for that note from Mr. Firth about when he will be arriving to begin our clandestine getaway. (Y’all do know he’s in Atlanta this week?!? That is easily within stalking distance!)
No, we didn’t get a message from a tall, dark and gorgeous British Oscar-winner, but something pretty damn delightful: a request for partial from an agent!! Yes, apparently I’m not the only one with insomnia – she sent it about 3:30 am my time. Said my MS “sounds intriguing,” please send partial, and let her know if I get an offer from anyone else in the meantime!!!
After I threw some cold water on Bridgie, she jumped on the email to tell my local writing buddies and the SFWG chicas, and then she started making lists of all the things she wants to check before we send the MS out.
That’s two requests in a week, my darlings! Bridgie is in alt!
Ok, I understand that this isn’t really practical assistance, as it depends on the whims of agents. But you can’t have everything – it works.