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A Perfect Christmas Gift!


Good morning, all! Can you believe it is December??? As my daughters like to point out, this month is Christmas!

Now, I have a rule about Christmas shopping – I get in there and get er done before December 1. Don’t hate me – I have a very specific reason for this, and it is NOT just to annoy my friends.

See, I consider myself to be a Shopper. With a Capital “S.” I love shopping more than I love my luggage. (paraphrasing one of tne of the great quotes from my most quotable movie, Steel Magnolias.) But in December, like clockwork, every year swarms of non-shoppers flock to my favorite stores. They don’t know shopping protocol, have no manners, and generally irritate me.

For example, yesterday I was finishing up and got in line at a dress shop I just adore. Unfortunately, some mouth-breathing moron was in front of me, doing all the time-sucking things a real shopper wouldn’t do. Changing her mind after items been rung up, and making us all wait while she goes back to get another color. Acting like she wasn’t expecting to have to pay or something, and not having her payment ready – actually waiting til the transaction is totalled up before digging in her purse for her checkbook and starting to fill it out out! Then, standing there holding her bag and chatting up the very harried and disinterested clerk before moving so the next person could put her items on the counter. If you’re a Capital “S” Shopper, you understand what I’m talking about. If you’re not, you’re probably saying, So, what’s wrong with that. GGRRrrr!

Now what, you may ask (probably not, but you could) does all that have to do with my new book, PROOF OF LOVE? Well, sweeties, if you are one of those millions who hasn’t finished your gift shopping yet, have I got an idea for you! An ebook is a perfect gift – always the right size, no wasteful, expensive and time consuming wrapping to worry about, and everyone knows that ebooks and readers are the Tickle-Me-Elmo of 2011!

And particularly if it is a charming tale of Georgian-era romance, with lovely people doing interesting things on their way to a gratifying happy-ever-after, you can be sure the recipient will enjoy it! And what a coincidence – that just happens to describe PROOF OF LOVE to a tee!

So y’all take a cue from me and avoid the madding crowd at the mall or Walmart and hop on over to http://champagnebooks.com/shop/index.php?route=product/manufacturer&manufacturer_id=118 and get PROOF OF LOVE for the romance fans on your list!

And since everyone deserves a gift for themselves during the holidays, I’m gonna give one lucky commenter o this post her (or his – I’m all about equality!) copy of PROOF OF LOVE. Post a comment by Noon Saturday, December 3 and you may get an early visit from Santa – or at least, from the Romance Fairy!