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I’ve got a real treat for you all today! Y’all know that I am a member of the absolute best crit group on the planet, the Amazing SFWG. Last week you may have seen my interview with my SFWG sister Susan Spann, whose debut novel, CLAWS OF THE CAT, has gotten major (and well-deserved) buzz on several book review and discussion websites. If you haven’t read CLAWS yet, you should — it is a fabulous mystery, set in Medieval Japan.

And now, I’m about to introduce you all to another member of my crit group, the Fearless Leader of the SFWG, whose debut novel hasn’t even been released yet, but has already gotten a shout-out in no less a publication than the Wall Street Journal! Heather Webb has written a fascinating novel about the woman behind one of history’s most powerful men, BECOMING JOSEPHINE, which will be released by Plume/Penguin on December 31, 2013.

I’ve read sections of BECOMING JOSEPHINE, and I can assure you that, if you love romance and history, you will want to buy this book! Until New Year’s Eve, you will just have to content yourself with a glimpse of the cover, which is gorgeous. Too often, covers don’t do justice to the book, but I have to say that I love this cover almost as much as I love Heather’s story.

Here it is — what do you think?


Monday Muse: Thank You Notes

Well, happy Monday to everyone. I’m sagging and dragging today, even more than usual for a Monday, so bear with me.

I got a couple of nibbles on queries from some very desirable agents. Which is fabulous, and wonderful, and everything. But, as you know, I can manage to find the storm cloud to hide every silver lining. Two requests meant I had to buckle down and do the minor cleanups on my MS that I had been avoiding.

Thanks to my fabulous friends, I got quick turn-around on some help with points in the book, and after spending most of the past 48 hours reading and revising, I can say that the book is in the best shape possible.

Not that I said it’s the best book possible. I don’t know anymore if it is good or not — I’ve read it so much that I found myself rooting for the villain. But, given what it is and what my talents encompass, it is the best it will ever be. I’m proud of it, and I’m sending it off into the world to sink or swim.

But before it goes, here’s a big thank you from me and Bridget-my-muse to:

The Fabulously Fabulous Ladies of the SFWG — the finest crit group on the plante. Especially mammoth thanks to DeAnn, Heather, and Susan — Cassie and Mac send you their love. You made them who they are today.

JIllian Chantal, who despite having more on her plate here lately than she could say grace over, did an incredible crit for me — and kept me straight on the various models of Jaguars. My British sex-god can rest assured that he is driving a car which exists in the real world.

And, last but never least, Sue Moorcroft, who told me the difference between Liverpool and Leicester in an effort to make James the Cad sound like a handsome young British millionaire instead of a middle-aged American woman imitating Laurence Olivier.

Y’all are, individually and collectively, the BEST!!!