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Drumroll Please!!!

(Cue playing of Fourth Quarter Fanfare by the FSU Marching Chiefs)

Yes, my darlings, it is time for an announcement! I’ve been sitting on an incredible secret for over a week, and y’all know old blabber mouth Romancemama has been just about crazy with it! And then today, when I got the go-ahead from the involved party, I was at work , writing the massive brief from hell. (Not a gala, an intimate date, or a love scene in it!)

So now, having at last gotten to my lunch break, I can finally say it:

I, Arabella Stokes, author of Women’s Fiction with Sassy Southern Style, have an agent! I am now represented by the fabulous Allison Hunter with Inkwell Management. Allison and Inkwell represent some incredible authors, and I am overwhelmed to be amongst this illustrious group!

So, dahling, if you need anything from me, have your people check with my agent!


One Line Wednesday: Holding Out For A Hero Redux

“So,” James asked after we’d ordered. “I’m puzzled. Why the flag in your apartment?”
Oh. I could feel the color in my cheeks. “Rosemary brought me that from London last year. I’m kind of an Anglophile. British literature, BBC programs, the royal family. I’m a pushover for anything English.”
James smiled, slowly. Roguishly. “Well, isn’t that fortunate? Being something English myself.”

The Lucky 7 Game


My darling crit partner, the fabulous Deann Smith, tagged me in the 7 Line Game. So the deal is, you go to page 7 or 77 (or 777, I guess, if you are Steven King) and pull 7 lines from your latest book.

Tonight I sent off the full of my finished novel, Holding Out For a Hero, so I’m on my standard thrice-hourly email check schedule. I’ll be a wreck til I hear something, so y’all bear with me.

And here are 7 lines (at least it was seven in ms format) from page 77 of Holding Out For a Hero. Y’all enjoy it!

We shook on it, then I grabbed him and gave him a kiss – the big-time kind, not just a friendly little peck. I don’t know why I did it, but Mac certainly had no problem with it. It went on a tiny bit longer than it should have, and afterwards, we just stared at each other for a few seconds. Then he blushed, and I jumped up to go find another Diet Coke. I noticed Janice staring at me, and I shrugged.
Good old Mac. I really was going to miss him.

And for my taggees, I pick Darlene Henderson, Sue Moorcroft, and Rita Bay!

One Line Wednesday: Holding Out For a Hero


Here’s a little clip from my latest book, Holding Out For a Hero, when the heroine, Cassie, comes back to her hometown after moving to the big city with her rich British boyfriend:

As I sat beside Janice on the glider and tucked my legs up under me, Trina lifted her glass. “To our long-lost friend, Cassie. And may we all find a dose of whatever you’re taking, girl, because you look like a million bucks.”

Janice snorted. “Illicit sex does that for a girl.”

One Line Wednesday: Holding Out for a Hero

Hello, my loves! Here’s a little One Line Wednesday selection from my newest book, Holding Out for a Hero. Imagine it being said by a tall, hot hunk of ginger — think Prince Harry in a police uniform. Hope you like it:

If you’re bound and determined to be with somebody who isn’t good enough for you, by God, it ought to be somebody who loves you more than anything on earth. Someone who will never, ever hurt you.” He grabbed me by the shoulders. “It ought to be me.”

Muse Monday — the LUCKY 7 meme

If you are going to try to make a go of this bizarre hobby/profession/pursuit/obsession calling writing fiction, ya gotta have friends. I don’t mean the “hi, how are you, we should do lunch, call me” kind of friends. I’m talking about people who you can tell about your latest writing funk, confident that they will simultaneously hand you a sympathetic chocolate cupcake and give you the proverbial swift kick in the gluteus that will jump start your muse.

I’m particularly blessed in this area, because I have two groups of friends who fit this description. In realtime, I have the greatest bunch of writers to hang with at the local Books A Million. So a great big shout-out to the Pensacola clique – you know too much about me for us to ever stop being friends!

And in the virtual realm, I am proud – and humbled – to be a part of an incredibly talented and supportive crit group known as the Super Fly Writing Group! (Aka #SFWG on twitter).

They encourage me, challenge me, and inspire me on a daily basis. And the very fact that they let me play in their sandbox gives me hope. I mean, seriously – if these brilliant ladies treat me as a colleague, I must have some tiny bit of talent there somewhere!

Last week, the awesome Candie Leigh, a fellow SFWG member and helluva YA author, sent out a blog challenge called The Lucky Seven. Now, at the time, I was in the midst of a trip to Orlando’s theme parks with my babies, and I didn’t get to play then. But the challenge reminded me that I had been inexcusably lax in my blogging, so now that I am back in the real world, I am picking up on Candie’s meme and running with it. You should all go right now to read her Lucky 7 post at http://adventuresofyawriting.blogspot.com/2012/06/ive-been-tagged.html. It gives you a fab little taste of her latest novel, SEEK.

As to playing Lucky 7, here are the rules:

Go to page 77 in your current manuscript
Go to line 7
Copy the next 7 lines/paragraphs and post them as they’re written (no cheating!)
Pass the meme on to at least 7 other writers.

I’m sending a shout out to my peeps, so hopefully there will be a whole bunch of you who play along by putting a link to your lucky seven in the comments below!

Now, here’s 7 paragraphs from my most recent finished book, HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO. Cassie Grace thinks all her historical-romance dreams have come true when a wealthy British businessman comes to her small Georgia town. But real life isn’t quite as tidy as a book, and it isn’t always easy to recognize a hero …

A little after two, James called to check on any messages. Right. In a word ruled by cell phones and e-mail, nobody leaves messages for anyone anymore. I told him there weren’t any, but Rosemary had asked about him when he didn’t show up this morning.
“Right. Listen, Cass, just as a favor to me, don’t tell her which towns I’m visiting. Of course Rosemary knows we’re looking at several other sites. That’s no secret, by any means. . . Do you mind?”
Ok, I was torn. I mean, I work for Rosemary, and I owe her a certain amount of loyalty. But on the other hand, James had given me the info on his plans under somewhat exceptional circumstances. And if I had any hopes of my relationship with him going anywhere (which of course I did, in a major way), I needed to help him out, right? So I did the kind of hairsplitting I’d seen Rosie and Mr. F. do. Lawyers can always find irrelevant distinctions that justify what they already wanted to do.
I decided I wouldn’t tell Rosemary anything else. And since he hadn’t asked me if had told her anything already, I figured I could cover both sides of my divided loyalties.
Yes, I know that kind of thinking never ends well. But given my stop to see Trina that morning, what was a little more moral relativism? I had decided to put aside the black/white, right/wrong mentality I was used to and look at things in shades of grey for a change.


Janice and Bobby invited me over to a get-together they had Friday night. The Georgia basketball team was involved in some sort of major game that all the guys in town just had to see, so Bobby set up his computer to project onto a screen in the backyard and threw a cookout. Neither basketball nor Bobby’s hamburgers were high on my must-have list, but it beat staying at home and trying to write while I wondered what a certain British Greek god was up to wherever he was.
I got my crispy black burger – e. coli stands no chance when Bobby Harvey is cooking – and settled down on a quilt Janice had spread to the side of the main game-watching area.

And yes, dammit — I used the phrase “shades of grey” in this MS months before any Twilight Fan Fiction using that phrase hit the mainstream!!! (grumble, grumble.)