Meet Arabella


Women’s Fiction with Sassy Southern Style!

Arabella Stokes was born in a small cottage in Surrey, and was raised by her loving parents, along with her seven brothers. After attending the Ecole du Bois in Switzerland, she moved to London, where she resides in a lavish flat overlooking the Thames, with her husband the heir to. . .

Oh, who am I kidding? I was born in Tallahassee, Florida – no rose covered cottage, but definitely the loving parents and just one brother. I attended Florida State University (let’s go, Seminoles!) for undergraduate and law school, and I have practiced law in NW Florida ever since.

But I do have my own personal Mr. Darcy, and two vivacious daughters. We live in Pensacola, Florida, home of the most beautiful beaches on earth!

Because the practice of law requires great amounts of concentration and because the areas I concentrate on (Family & Children and Criminal Law) are particularly distressing, I come home every night and lose myself in a bright, sparkling romance where everything comes right in the end.

After reading hundreds, nay, thousands of romances, I said “I can do that!” and wrote my first novel, Proof of Love, an 80,000 word Georgian-era historical, which was published in 2011 by Champagne Books.

I am currently writing Humorous Southern Women’s Fiction (“Grits Lit?), and I am a member of the Gulf Coast and Chick Lit Chapters of the Romance Writers of America, I am working on several other projects in various stages of development, and I am represented by the incredibly fabulous Allison Hunter of Inkwell Management!

I love twitter, so check me out @romancemama!

3 responses to “Meet Arabella

  1. Hey there– I need the ISBN for Proof of Love urgently. Thank you:)

  2. Oh Arabella I am simply smitten with your pen name and indeed the entire idea of being aquainted with a published author. Indeed how far you’ve come! You have captured a dream that I’ve thought at times could be my own reality. I, however, am now incensed with your success! Kuddos to you love and I can nere wait to read your great work.
    Muah dahling, Shelia Woodall Ponting

  3. joyce proell

    Hi, I am about to be published by Champagne Books. I’m putting together my website and am strolling throught CB author sites. Your comment about having a stressful job and coming home to lose yourself in a wonderful romance hit home. I used to be a mental health therapist. Loved the work but it was stressful so I’d go home and get happy with romance. Finally, after reading a million books, I said: I can do that and did. So my book, Eliza, will be out in Oct. of 2012. Joyce

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