O.M.G. It’s Real.


If you know anything at all about your old friend RomanceMama, you know that she is one incurable bibliophile. (You also know that she loves to refer to herself in the 3d person, but let’s focus, shall we?)

I grew up reading. Books, magazines, whatever came to hand. If my daddy made me put away my book at the table, I would read the ketchup bottle. All I need is words in a row, and I am set.

But books – ah, books! Simply my favoritest thing in the whole wide world. Ask me to choose between books and chocolate, books and Ruffles chips, books and boiled peanuts (caviar of the South) and I will, without a second thought, go with books.

So it was an exceptionally emotional moment this week when the UPS man stopped here at Malfunction Junction to deliver a box with my most precious possession in it – a real, hard copy bound volume of my first published book, PROOF OF LOVE !

I am still prone to getting all misty eyed, just thinking about it. I actually wrote down my story about the dear Duke and Duchess, got it published, and CAN HOLD MY BOOK IN MY OWN TWO PAWS!!!

Do you realize what that means to me? I’m getting all verklempt, just thinking about it.

So, if you have been thinking “Gee, I’d really love to read Romancemama’s book, but I don’t have an ereader, you are now officially out of excuses. You must head on over (do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollars) to Amazon and buy my book.

You’ll love it!


11 responses to “O.M.G. It’s Real.

  1. WOOHOOO!!! I AM SO happy for you!! AND for our whole group! You are one more success story to stick under our belt, D’Bella!! I get CHILLS just looking at this photo!! I want to be able to smell it and feel the wind as I flip through the pages.. So… I just went on Amazon and bought it! I’m keeping a collection of my closest friend’s fabulous books!

    YAY!!! Love ya!!

  2. Oh wow! That is just so COOL, I have goosebumps. YAY! I can’t wait to read it.

  3. Marci Jefferson

    Beautiful! The cover and the author!

  4. AWESOME!!!! I’m right he getting verklempt with you. I agree, btw, that it’s a beautiful cover.

    The whole thing is neat beyond words. I’m so, SO happy for you!! And big thanks for posting a photo so we can all share the special moment with you.

  5. Love the photo! 🙂 I can’t wait to read it, Arabella. Another #SFWG victory. Woot!!

  6. W00t!!!! Way to go, Arabella! I’m so happy for you! And you look so authorial, standing with your book. 🙂

  7. A million congrats, Arabella. So happy for you!! Rita

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