Monday Muse: Time for a Reality check

This pretty much sums it up.


4 responses to “Monday Muse: Time for a Reality check

  1. Oh dear. Not having a good day?

    • Oh, hon – having major self-doubts. I’m evidently just not as good a writer as I think I am. Given the high stress day job, where I get more than enough criticism and failure, I’m wondering why I do this sh!t “for fun”.

      I can still write my silly little stories – but I’m questioning the need for queries and submissions.

      • Aw, I’m sorry you’re feeling that way. Rejections don’t mean that your writing isn’t good. It just means that that particular editor/agent didn’t think they could sell your work. Perhaps the tone was just a bit off, or it wasn’t their style. The only way to find out is to keep trying. Sharing your work with others is the very best way to improve, and you will improve but it’s hard. Hard to keep taking the knocks. I’ve not submitted anything for nearly two years now. I knew I needed to improve so I’ve been working on my craft, and when I finish this last story I’m going to be brave and submit it. But I did chicken out trying to sell the last one. ;o) My advice would be to keep working on your writing, try to get the fun back into it, and take your time with the submissions, let yourself have a breather when it is getting you down. You’ll get there eventually if you keep at it, but everyone needs time to wallow sometimes ;o) xxx

  2. 😦 We write because we don’t know how “not to write”. Stay with it. Don’t dismiss indie publishing (some still call it self-pub), Here for you, kiddo.

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